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New Turf Lawn: Immediately after the turf is laid, water to saturation point (this is generally completed by the applicator). After which the turf must be kept moist until established, approximately 14-21 days.  During the summer months it is vital to maintain the moisture content of the plant, taking extra care around the edges and concrete paths and driveways.

New HydroSeeded Lawn:  The day following the laying of your Hydroseeded lawn, the mulch mixture will requiring watering.  It is essential that the lawn is kept moist at all times using frequent watering, preferably mornings and evenings.  It is easy to see where water is needed as the mulch arears dry and lighter is colour.  This should continue until established, approximately 21 days, then at least once daily.  If the mulch is left to dry out the seedlings will not germinate. If is essential that the water is not allowed to pond!  After which the Hydroseeded lawn will still require frequent watering.  Please refer to the After Care instructions from your applicator.

To maintain a lush, healthy lawn it must be kept watered in spring, summer and autumn with occasional water over the winter months if there is a dry spell.  Watering early morning or evening is preferable.  Avoid excessive watering as this will lead to ponding.  Ponded water can heat up and scorch the plant/sward.