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Artificial Turf

If you would rather spend your weekends enjoying your pastimes instead of mowing lawns then artificial turf may be the answer you are looking for. You can have lush looking grass year round, without the expense of mowing, weeding, watering and fertilising.

Artificial turf is an excellent option for areas where grass growth is extremely limited or for areas like underneath a trampoline.

Modern, high-quality artificial turf has a realistic look, giving the appearance of natural, freshly-mown lawn. Some even have a sun-kissed appearance for even more realism!

Artificial grass is also a suitable option if you have dogs! Dog urine can damage a natural lawn, leaving it with unsightly brown patches. Pet mess can easily be hosed away to keep the area clean and hygienic with no damage to the artificial grass.

The process

Preparation of the base for artificial turf is the single most important step to ensure a stable platform for the grass to sit on. Our team take extra care here to ensure that the organic matter is removed and suitable basecourse used and compacted to give a beautiful level area that will last the lifetime of the turf without sinking or shifting.

Care is taken to cut the artificial turf for your area in a way that minimises the number of joins required so you get the best finish possible.



Laying Artificial Turf

Laying Artificial Turf

Laying Artificial Turf

Laying Artificial Turf

The Result


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