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Roll out Turf

Roll out Turf is a very effective option for those who want an instant lawn and do not want to go through the process of waiting for a new lawn to grow. The Roll out Turf we supply is already at least 12 months old, meaning it is mature and established when laid, alleviating any growing pains or time spent waiting for a new lawn to grow. An instant solution for your landscaping needs!

The Choice is Easy!

The Choice is Easy!

There are so many reasons why choosing Roll out Turf is a great option! It's instant; it goes down green and lush; and you will never need to put up with bare earth, dusty sand and soil, or dogs scratching up the soil and birds stealing your seeds ever again!

The Process

Our turf supply comes from a local turf farm where it has spent the last twelve months growing to become fully established and lush.

We can supply a range of grass types, including: Kikuyu, Couch, Fine Fescue, Rye Fescue, and our most popular Tall Fescue. Tall Fescue does extremely well in our local coastal areas and looks green and lush year round. Couch and Kikuyu are hardier grasses, suitable for an area that will be used by pets or a high traffic area. They are summer grasses and will stay green during the hot weather without the high watering requirements of other grasses. Be mindful of the fact that they both go dormant over winter and can brown off if hit by a frost. They will bounce back quickly come spring!

We will prepare the ground and make sure the soil levels are right before installing the Roll out Turf. The process is quick and painless and can be done in a day depending on the size of your area!

Let's Talk Maintenance!

Taking care of your newly laid Roll out Turf is the most important part of the entire process. A newly laid lawn needs just as much love and attention as any other living product. To make sure it receives enough water in the summer time and to avoid standing outside multiple times a day with a hose, have us install an irrigation system!

We will send through a care guide so you have all the knowledge you need to get the very best results from your lawn!

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