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Hydroseeding is a process of combining water, premium grass seed, fertiliser and protective mulch together. The fertiliser and mulch mixture provides an ideal nurturing environment for seed germination to establish a lush dense and healthy lawn.

Why Choose Hydroseeding?

Why Choose Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a great and cost effective option for obtaining a lush and healthy lawn if you have the time to wait! With the right care, the results can be amazing!

Hydroseeding in Winter

Hydroseeding in Winter

Hydroseeding in the cooler months can require a bit more thought, in particular to the seed variety and also extra protection against the weather elements. We offer a cool season rye blend that will strike as low as 4℃.

Washout Protection

Washout Protection

Heavy rain in any season can be devastating on your newly hydroseeded lawn. We have been hard at work creating and testing our own ratio of a polymer glue that can be added to the hydroseeding mixture to offer washout resistance. While we follow the weather forecast closely when scheduling your lawn, this polymer offers extra security for unplanned weather events which are becoming more and more common.

Ask us how you can get this added protection.

The Process

Once the ground has been prepared, the hydroseeding mix (a combination of seed, fertiliser, mulch and water) is sprayed onto the desired areas by our hydroseeding machine, handled by our landscapers.

The hydroseed mixture bonds the seed to the soil which helps to keep pesky birds at bay and prevents erosion from any windblown soil and light rain.

The Result:

Germination time will depend on the weather and the consistency of watering after application. In optimum growing conditions, including sufficient watering and warm ground temperatures, moisture is retained closer to the seed aiding the germination which can be achieved in just 5 days. Generally lawn germination will take approximately 10-14 days depending upon watering and ground temperatures.

We will provide you with a care guide upon completion. This care guide will provide you with all of the necessary information to grow a healthy and lush lawn and keep it that way!


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