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Mowing Management is important at any time of the year. With the onset of spring, the home owner, landscaper or green keeper should be increasing the frequency of mowing. The mowing frequency can have a significant effect on lawn density, the denser and thicker the lawn is, the less likelihood of weeds invading your lawn over the spring and summer months.

We encourage lawns to be kept to a minimum height of 50mm in length. Mowing below this height can open up the sward and result in a greater infestation of weeds. We recommend never remove more than one third of the height of the grass in any one mow. Mowing with a catcher is recommended to prevent leaf litter from decomposing and creating an ideal environment for fungal diseases. The practice of mowing your lawn in different directions at each cut can prevent a graining effect on the lawn and give a more professional look to your property.