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 Ocean Beach Road, Mount Maunganui

Ocean Beach Road, Mount Maunganui

We were approached by the home-owners, Michael and Moira, to design a landscaping space that was lush and vibrant with an edible element. They had a pretty clear idea in mind of what they wanted the landscaping to look like, it was just up to us to fill in the blanks and plan for functionality.

Jocelyn spent time carefully planning which plants and trees would be suitable and effective for this location and with Peter's help they drew a conclusion on where the kerbing, pavers, edging, stones, and garden areas would be. Following this planning, Marika brought these ideas to life with visual concepts that portrayed what the final look would be. These visual concepts provided a sneak-peek of sorts to make sure everyone was happy with the design and meant no-one had to visualize within their mind.

Since the property has a narrow driveway and is on a busy main road, we wanted to create a turning-bay of sorts to provide the home-owners with a little extra space to safely exit their property. We installed SurePave underneath the grass area to provide protection to the beautiful new lawn that we had yet to install.

Tall Fescue was the grass type of choice for this location as it's a lush lawn that is green year-round and is going to keep the property looking suave, especially since it's on the road front! Natural pavers and white pebbles were used to create a tidy look and feel, accompanied by a combination of timber edging and concrete kerbing.

Blueberry, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange, nectarine and fig trees were chosen for the edible planting. Feijoa trees were chosen to create an edible hedge that creates privacy from the road and ties in beautifully with the white block wall on the road front. Clivia Miniata Fire Glow and Vireya Rhododendron will provide an orange contrast to the white walls and green landscaping once they have flowered, while the Liriope 'blue skies' will provide a soft and welcoming coverage through the garden that edges along the entertaining area. Mandevilla Aloha White will climb the wall as they mature over diagonal wire mesh and Lomandra lime tuffs sit beneath a Dypis baronii which allows for a warm and tropical feel. Black bark has been used in all garden areas providing a stark contrast to the leaves of our chosen flora.

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