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Contractor Series - C170
Contractor Series - C170

If your jobs demand extra capacity and greater productivity, the C170 might fit the bill. With options such as steel or stainless steel tanks, integral flush tanks, hydraulic mulch grinders, electric or hydraulic hose reels, and many more. In addition to all these choices, you can be confident in the fact that your machine has the most advanced hydraulic system on the market providing power to its functions. The C170 features the industries first load-sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic system.

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99HP John Deere Diesel (73.8kW)

Tank Size:


1,750 Gallons (6624.5 litres)



1,500 Gallons (5678 litres)



4"x2" Centrifugal Pump


320gpm/115psi (1211.3Lpm/793kPa)

Pump Drive:


Direct Drive with Hydraulic Motor



Mechanical Paddle Agitation and Liquid Recirculation

Agitation Drive:


Reversible, Variable Speed Hydraulic Drive



Loading Hatch with Bag Breaker



Loading Hatch and Hydraulic Mulch Grinder



1 Wide Fan, 1 Narrow Fan, and 1 Straight



1 Wide Fan, 1 Narrow Fan and 2 Straight

Discharge Distance:


Up To 210' (64 meters)

Max Material:


5,000lbs (2,268 kgs) Granular Solids / 750lbs (340.2 kgs) Fibre Mulch

Material Type:


All Types of HydroSeeding Mulch - No Restrictions

Empty Weight:


9,450lbs (4,286.5 kgs)

Full Weight:


22,650lbs (10,273.9 kgs)



16'6" / 198" (5,029mm)



7'8" / 92" (2,337mm)



9'10.75" / 118.75" (3,016mm)

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SmartSense Hydraulic System
The SmartSense Hydraulic System features a load sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic pump. It's the first hydraulic system of its kind on a HydroMulcher. The pump senses demand from the machine's hydraulic circuits and adjusts itself automatically to meet demand. If the demand is reduced, the system readjusts to maintain maximum efficiency and improved fuel economy. The pump also makes sure hydraulic pressure is maintained, even under a load. This provides maximum torque at the times you need it most. All of this happens automatically, allowing you to focus on getting the job done.

Hydraulic Paddle Agitation
The Contractor Series HydroMulching Equipment features a hydraulically driven Paddle Agitation System. The Paddles are Variable Speed and Reversible and operate independent of Engine RPM and Spray Pump functions. This ensures faster initial mixing and prevents over mixing while spraying. Belt driven agitation systems cannot operate in reverse to speed up initial mixing and cannot run independent of Engine RPM. This means that when you are running the engine faster to achieve maximum spray performance, you are also running your paddles faster. This can create problems with air entrainment and pump cavitations. With Epic's hydraulically driven paddles, you can slow the paddles down to a crawl while still maintaining maximum spray performance

Hydraulic Pump Controls
The Spray Pump on all HydroMulching Equipment features a hydraulic drive system. A highly efficient hydraulic motor is directly coupled to the Spray Pump, eliminating the need for troublesome clutches, belts, chains, and pulleys. These items add complexity and increased maintenance to the machine. Our system is very easy to use and requires no maintenance at all. The spray pump output is controlled with a Hydraulic Pump Speed Control (PSC) Valve. There is no need to throttle the engine to change pump spray performance.

Minimal Maintenance
One of the main design parameters on all Epic equipment is a focus on minimizing maintenance. We have an industry exclusive paddle shaft/bearing assembly design that eliminates shaft seals that are prone to leaking. The bearings are oversized and only require greasing every 250 hours or once a year. We know that your machine needs to be in the field working to make you money, not in the shop getting serviced.


Spray Options
The Contractor Series HydroMulching Equipment has two available spray options. We offer a Turret Gun for long distance spraying and fast empty times and your choice of an Electric or Hydraulic Hose Reel with 30 meters of 30mm hose. The hose reel is capable of holding up to 90 meters of hose and comes with a discharge gun, 2 fan nozzles and 1 straight nozzle.

Stainless Steel Tank
One of our most popular options is the Stainless Steel Tank. As you know, the contents of your slurry can be very corrosive. Steel tanks usually have a coating that can wear off. If this coating isn't maintained, steel tanks will rust. Frequently, contractors need to send their employees into the tank to reapply this coating. Our Stainless Steel Tanks eliminate this issue altogether. You will no longer have to worry about tank corrosion and the added maintenance costs associated with steel tanks.

Integrated Flush Tank
If you get the Stainless Steel Tank Option, then you can also get the optional Integrated Flush Tank. It gives you 225 litres of fresh water for flushing the pump and hoses between tank loads and at the end of the day. This makes it much easier to clean up your machine and the mess can be sprayed out on the jobsite. Flushing the pump and hoses also minimizes the potential for clogging when you are spraying extra thick slurries or wood fibre mulches and bonded fibre matrixes. The flush tank automatically fills when you fill the main tank, then all you do is open a ball valve to flush the system with clean water.

Hydraulic Mulch Grinder
Today's hydraulic seeding mulches and BFM's aren't made like they used to be. Mulch bales used to be made in such a way that they came apart in flakes. This made it very easy for the paddles in a HydroSeeding or HydroMulching machine to break up the mulch. These days, mulch is made in one single brick. These bricks of mulch can become compressed and can be somewhat difficult for the paddles to break up. Epic Manufacturing offers an optional Stainless Steel Hydraulic Mulch Grinder to speed loading and to minimize the work that the paddles must do to get the slurry mixed. The grinder is especially effective at mixing BFM's and mulches with tackifier mixed in.