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Turf Teq Power Rake

The Turf Teq Power Rake is a valuable time saving tool for all types of lawn preparation, lawn renovation, turf installation, overseeding, lawn repair, and raking or seedbed preparation. The Power Rake can go places where a tractor version or skid steer mounted version of this product cannot go, without damaging healthy turf.

Featuring solid welded Tungsten-Carbide tipped cutting teeth on a steel rotor that pulverizes clumps of soil as well as rake rocks and debris out in front of the machine. The 30-degree pivoting attachment head allows you to windrow debris to the left and right of the attachment as you work. This power 36” wide Rake operates exactly like the larger 6’ tractor/loader mounted Rakes but in a smaller package; allowing you to get close to buildings, go through gates, and even get close to sidewalks, etc. without worrying about damaging existing structures. It can also fit in the bed of a standard pickup truck allowing you to get to job sites without needing or taking up space on your trailer.

The Turf Teq Power Rake can be used for grading rough soil; pulverizing and mixing soil; raking rocks and debris; moving piles of soil; renovating lawns; reworking dead grass; preparing seed beds; levelling high spots; repairing damaged turf lawns; dethatching turf; and cutting for over-seeding.

The Power Rake also features an on-the-go differential lock for exceptional traction and productivity - even on steep grades. It is a machine that will save you incredible amounts of time on labour-intensive projects.

  • 36″ heavy-duty, power rake drum
  • Left, right & center pivoting drum
  • Pivots 15 degrees left & right
  • Tight turning radius
  • Commercial-grade 13 HP Honda engine
  • Variable speed, hydrostatic transmission with locking differential
  • Controls at the operator’s position
  • Compatible with all Turf Teq multi-use attachments
  • Friendly, expert support
  • Comprehensive 1-Year warranty
  • Made in the USA out of the highest-quality materials

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