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 Blanche Road, Papamoa

Blanche Road, Papamoa

We were approached by the homeowner of this property to come up with a new design for her existing landscaping. A very worn and tired grass was well overdue for a makeover and the existing plants needed a bit more pop. We knew what we needed to do, so we got one of our best creative minds on it - our Construction Manager Gene who has a flare for designing gardens with a point of interest.

Gene visited the site and came up with a plan. With the ability to construct and install gates and fences on his side, he had already visualized exactly what would take place here and that included designing, building and installing a pergola. Plants intended to espalier along the back fence would in time provide a living wall effect and make the space feel warmer and more inviting. Putting heads together with Pete, artificial turf and roll out turf were planned to be installed, along with planting which was a well thought design by Gene and Jocelyn. This job really was a team effort!

Gene took control right through from the design to the installation. Hard work was put into building the gates and fence, making sure everything aligned perfectly and worked for the space. We took the existing back fence down to get our machinery in and start chipping away at the back courtyard. Soil was spread, artificial turf was installed, planting was carefully placed with stones and timber edging, and plants attached to wire for the back fence. Stones and pavers lead a tidy walkway from the back court around to the front of the house on both sides. All of the front gardens were carefully planned to have complimentary plants that lifted the space and added lots of vibrance and life to the front of the house. Bark mulch patterns were used through the stones to give the gardens a point of difference to all the neighbour's gardens through the rest of the street.

Our client was very pleased when we had completed the work and gave many thanks to the hard work that our team put in to this particular project.

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