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I want to say “Thank You” for the fine job you did on establishing the lawn at our new home.  It is coming up just fine. I water twice daily and the growth is just incredible

Mike LaFauci
Rollout Turf

Wow looks amazing.  Came home to find the new lawn had been laid.   What a huge difference this has made to my property.  The boys have done a marvellous job leaving the driveway and paths clean and tidy.  So prompt and efficient, very impressed with the whole job.  Highly recommend Rapid Lawn to my friends and neighbours.  Thank you so much


After years of struggling with my lawn and the weeds, I have starting to see some positive results on my lawn now...the colour is returning to the lawn, and the weeds are under control.   Thanks Peter for helping me keep my lawn looking great and how I expected my lawn to look.  Great to see the aftercare program is working well.

Mike F
Rollout Turf

We are thrilled with our new "Tall Fescue" Ready Lawn, we had laid at our new property at "The Lakes" and this is the 2nd time we have used, Roll out Turf.  If clients follow the instructions Peter give, they too will have a Fabulous Lawn.  We have had so many comments... people saying is it "Real Lawn"? 

The laying of the lawn,w ith quick, methodical, enthusiastic staff was a pleasure to see. 

We have recommended you to others.  (Anthony our neighbour is going to use you too!!)  Thank you Alex & Julia Halligan

Alex & Julia Halligan

Arrived back from our holiday and found our new lawn looking great and starting to grow as advised by Peter. The irrigation system is great and thankfully has helped with the germination.  Certainly the best thing we did and will be well utilised over the summer.  We are very pleased with how the transition from old lawn to new lawn went.  The grass is beautiful, the best lawn in the street.   Cheers Michael


I was absolutely amazed by the work completed. Having heard good things about Rapid Lawn, I was expecting good results, but I what I saw far exceeded this.  Quick, prompt, efficient service with fantastic results. Without a doubt, I would recommend Rapid Lawn to anyone enquiring into hydroseeding, Roll out Turf or Landscaping.  Sue

Rollout Turf

Peter, Jocelyn and their staff did a wonderful job of landscaping our village gardens, our residents are thrilled with the results and get much pleasure from them.  Susan Hough Village Manager