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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

We're proud of the Rapid Lawn system and we stand by our product. If, for any reason, your are not completely satisfied with the product you received, we will guarantee to address your concerns. Please be sure to follow the After Care Guide provided with your Rapid Lawn Starter Pack to give your new lawn the best chance possible.

The most common problem is lack of watering. Our After Care Guide will inform you of how to care for your new hydroseeded lawn. Keeping the hydroseed moist during the first 7-14 days is essential for proper germination. We cannot guarantee the success of our product unless the client has followed the watering instructions and kept the hydroseed moist. If the new germinating seedlings dry out they will die, resulting in a patchy lawn with inconsistent growth.

In addition, once your new lawn is established, it is very important to follow our care guide so that you maintain the health of your lawn. Improper mowing, lack of weed control, and lack of water can lead to serious problems with your new lawn.

In the event of unexpected heavy rain causing washout, provided that all of the After Care instructions have been followed, we will look to remedy the situation. 

For equipment sales, Franchise Enquiries, and info on hydroseeding, contact our managing director:
Peter Harvey