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Rapid Lawn Roll Out Turf

roll out turf Can Be installed ANyTIME OF YEAR

A turf lawn is a very effective option for those who want an instant new lawn but do not want to want to go through the growing pains of waiting for a new lawn to grow. This time of year with it being colder and bit more dampness around is the perfect time to lay a turf or roll out lawn.  It will have time to settle in over the coming months leading into Spring when the growth takes off.

Why choose Rapid Lawn roll out turf?

  • It's instant!
  • Turf lawn is already 12 + months old so there is no waiting for 6-8 months for your new lawn to be fully grown.
  • You can immediately enjoy a lush, dense new lawn.
  • No need to put up with bare earth or cats, dogs or birds scratching up the soil.
  • We can advise you which lawn is right for your property
  • The Rapid Lawn team can install your roll out turf for you or you can purchase it direct and lay it yourself. 

It's all about the preparation...

For the best results, laying a turf roll out lawn requires good preparation including leveling off the ground so it is flat before the roll out turf is laid.  Your new lawn will still require watering and general care as for any well loved new lawn. We can give you advice over the phone or visit you on site to discuss the correct application and after care specific to your environment.

Is Roll Out Turf right for you?

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Rapid Lawn can deliver your Roll Out Turf anywhere in the wider Bay of Plenty.


What our customers say:

Wow looks amazing.  Came home to find the new lawn had been laid.   What a huge difference this has made to my property.  The boys have done a marvellous job leaving the driveway and paths clean and tidy.  So prompt and efficient, very impressed with the whole job.  Highly recommend Rapid Lawn to my friends and neighbours.  Thank you so much".


We are thrilled with our new 'Tall Fescue' roll out turf lawn, we had laid at our new property at 'The Lakes' and this is the 2nd time we have used, Roll out Turf from Rapid Lawn.  If clients follow the instructions Peter gives, they too will have a Fabulous Lawn.  We have had so many comments... people saying is it 'Real Lawn'?  Thank you."

Alex & Julia Halligan